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Windows on Our World: Hope

"I have been inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Stephen Donaldson and Ursula Le Guin. It's true that the character of Quexitoxeri was inspired by Ms. Le Guin's Arha (Tenar), but my story is no retelling of the adventures of Archmage Sparrowhawk; nor is it Frodo's quest to destroy the One Ring, or a journey through a wardrobe to a magic land, or the White Gold Wielder's attempts to save the Land. It is a unique story told in a different way." - Les Bill Gates

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Windows on Our World: Faith

'The Quest for the Teeth of the Lower Jaw continues in the second book of the trilogy, 'Faith'. This sees our company encounter a new set of adventures in the lands to the west of the Air Mountains. Meanwhile, the enemy has regrouped and its strength is increasing once again as war looms in the Land.

Windows on Our World: Love

The dramatic conclusion to the trilogy, 'Love',  is still in progress.

The Power of Gnaris


The Power of Gnaris is Les Bill Gates' Science Fiction classic. 


The Karavec race have used the power of gnaris to travel vast distances across the universe. They are led by Barrow, the Great Savant. When all the embryos on Arion are murdered, Barrow calls upon Jim Forster, to investigate the crime. Their search for answers takes them to Hikon, and then to the neighbouring planet of Ziemia where they seek the perpetrator of the crime known as the Saviour.

Threw Lake and Other Short Stories

An Anthology of short stories by Les Bill Gates.


The short stories contained in this anthology have been written at different times over many years. Some stories, such as Threw Lake, are purely fictional; others, such as Follow that Star, are factual stories experienced by the author; and yet others, such as Unfair Dismissal, are partly based on fact and partly fiction.

There are several genres represented in the anthology - Fantasy (The Rivening of One), Science Fiction (D.O.V.E.S), Humour (Mistaken Identities), Philosophy (She Stood at the Crossroads of Time), and there's even Tagedy, but I won't spoil your enjoyment by telling you which stories have tragic endings. Finally, The Rivening of One, is a history of the world I created for my young adult epic fantasy trilogy Windows on Our World.

Rivers of Cydonia

Rivers of Cydonia, a thriller set on Mars, is another work in progress.