Four Days, a poem by Les Bill Gates

Remember me?
You betrayed me today.
With a kiss, you showed them the way
And collected thirty silver coins.
You whipped me and mocked me.
You crowned me with thorns.
So grovel in the dirt, pick up your pay.
You betrayed me today.
Remember me?
You killed me today.
You sent me to the cross, then washed your hands
And set the murderer free.
You cursed and mocked me and made me a joke,
You threw dice for my cloak.
As the curtain was rent, night replaced day.
You killed me today.
Remember me?
You mourned for me today.
You pronounced me dead, laid me in the tomb,
And sealed it with a stone.
Though you denied you knew me, you still had hope
That death would have no hold on the Son of God;
To the Father there could be no other way.
You mourned for me today.
Remember me?
I rose for you today.
The stone rolled back, the tomb was bare,
There was no one there.
I died in your place, so your sins could be forgiven.
I defeated death, so you could go on living. 
With my blood, your sins were washed away.
I rose for you today.

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My poem 'Four Days' is performed by an actor from the Wildsound Screenplay Festival:

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