Windows on Our World: Hope

"I have been inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Stephen Donaldson and Ursula Le Guin. It's true that the character of Quexitoxeri was inspired by Ms. Le Guin's Arha (Tenar), but my story is no retelling of the adventures of Archmage Sparrowhawk; nor is it Frodo's quest to destroy the One Ring, or a journey through a wardrobe to a magic land, or the White Gold Wielder's attempts to save the Land. It is a unique story told in a different way."

- Les Bill Gates



THE LAND: The first part of the trilogy, 'Hope', tells of the arrival of Squire in Thorland and 'The Quest for the Teeth of the Upper Jaw'.


THE PROPHECY: After many centuries, Squire has returned to Thorland, summoned there by the good Wizard Tobin in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy.


THE PEOPLE: As the quest begins, the other members of the company described in the prophecy join Squire. They also encounter many friends who assist them on their quest.


THE MAGIC: Tobin gives Squire a shield to protect him in times of great danger, but warns that whenever he uses it he will also get a glimpse of his own world an unpleasant experience.


THE QUEST: Their quest takes the company to every part of WEST THORLAND. Every time they locate one of the teeth, they also receive instructions for finding the next tooth. Throughout the quest, the wicked Wizard Gordeve tries to abduct Squire, destroy his friends, and thwart the quest.

Reviews of 'Hope'

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Most of the action in 'Hope' takes place in West Thorland. For a couple of chapters the action also moves to East Thorland and Terrapo.

A map of the Eastern Lands can be found here.


Central map for my 'Windows on Our World' trilogy.