Firstly a quote from the greatest mathematician and Scientist of all time:

I have been a mathematician all my life. I completed a BA in Mathematics at Oxford University in 1972 and was awarded an MA in 1976. After completing  a Certificate in Education at Exeter University in 1973, I began a career as a secondary teacher of Mathematics, teaching in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the Solomon Islands. In 1998 I was appointed Principal of King George VI National Secondary School, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Following the ethnic tension in Honiara my family and I moved back to New Zealand in 2001.

Since then I have worked as a writer and editor. This has included regular writing of questions for the question bank of Mathopolis and the pages of Mathisfun.

Mathopolis has a question bank of nearly 25,000 questions. The curriculum used by Mathisfun and Mathopolis is loosely based on the US Common Core Standards, but aims to cater for the requirements of countries throughout the world.

Mathisfun is a free resource that is used in classrooms all over the world. Mathisfun has several hundred pages of Tutorials, Activities, Games, Puzzles and Worksheets, covering all grades from Kindergarten to High School (including advanced topics).

Over the years I have had a few mathematical articles published, as follows: